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what we offer

  • 1. Working in the best interests of our clients. It's a concept that's so core to our business, it's how we got our name.
  • 2. Saving you money. We like money, we're sure you like money too. If there's a way to help you hold onto more of it, we'll find it.
  • 3. Tax doesn't have to be taxing. Tax laws change all the time. Keeping abreast of those changes is challenging. But not if you let us do it for you.
  • 4. International? No problem. Many of our clients have business interests outside the UK. And that's just fine with us.
  • 5. Super at start-ups. Thinking about starting a new business? We can make it a reality.


Welcome to WITBI

Whether you've been in business for a while or looking to start a new one, whether you're looking for a standard book keeping service or a total accountancy solution, whether you're an individually or a company, we're here to help.
Ready to work in your best interests.

Working in the best interests…

Central to our business is our ethos of working in the best interests of our client, and managing their financial  affairs in the most tax efficient way possible. It's such a fundamental concept, it's how we came up with our name.

Passionate about your business!

We like to be as passionate about our clients businesses as they are. Understanding what makes you tick, your business tick, and  your uniquely financial challenges, is what we love about the work. For this reason a large part of what we do is just keeping  abreast of the endless changes in tax legislation, figuring out how these apply to our clients, and whether any opportunities have  presented themselves.

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Starting a new business?

Of course, one of the most exciting stages of any business is the start-up, and we're always keen to get involved at the start, and ensure that your fledgling company's first financial steps are in the right direction. If you're thinking of starting a  company take a quick look at our list of new-company services. We're confident you'll find them particularly reasonable.


Thinking of making a change?

If you're already in business then the prospect of changing accountants can seem daunting, even if you're particularly unhappy  with your current accountancy solution, but it doesn't have to be that way. We'll do everything we can to make the transition to  WITBI as painless as possible. And when it comes to taking on new clients, it's rare that we don't uncover some opportunities for  tax efficiency. Drop us a line to see how we can save you money.

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