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services list

  • Compliance:
    • Guidance for all aspects of business secretarial
    • Guidance on key deadlines
    • Software selection guidance
    • Bank account guidance
    • Accountants self-certification for mortgage applications
  • Start ups:
    • Guidance on most suitable structure for your business
    • Same day company formations / registrations for all businesses
    • Guidance of responsibilities
  • Mainstream:
    • Preparation of financial statements
    • Cash flow forecasts
    • Business plans
    • Project appraisals
    • Incorporations and disincorporation
    • VAT returns
    • Payroll and all related services
    • Business closures and final dividend planning
    • Personal tax planning
    • Corporate tax planning
    • Capital taxes
    • Non taxable person VAT registrations and compliance
    • EU VAT registrations and compliance
    • Non UK residence guidance
    • Employment law guidance
  • Overseas and residence:
    • Non UK resident directors guidance
    • Non UK resident shareholders guidance
    • Guidance on non UK resident taxation
    • Withholding taxes
    • Guidance on non UK resident directors /shareholders income taxation and planning
    • Company’s residence guidance on reporting and taxation
    • Guidance for non UK domicile individuals
    • Non taxable person VAT
    • Distance selling guidance on taxation.

Everything you'd expect from your accountant... and then some.

Modern day accountancy has moved on somewhat from days of old. Sure, if you're looking for someone to file your tax return or do your company returns, we're happy to help - but for many of our clients our remit doesn't stop there.

Take a quick look at the list of services to the left, or find out more by clicking the links below. These are just a few of the tasks that we undertake on a regular basis.

Whatever aspect of financial or taxation advice you need, drop us a line and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.

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Sometimes it feels like the entire world is tied up in bureaucratic red tape; there are regulations and requirements whichever way you turn. Regulations and requirements which are subject to change whenever there's a shift in the political or financial landscape.

But here at WITBI, 'compliance' (ie. ensuring our clients adhere to those requirements and regulations) is something we're particularly good at. And keeping abreast of up and coming changes - and how those changes might affect you or your business - is all part of the job.

So if you want to ensure that your company is playing by the rules - and winning - rather than wading through endless red tape, we're here to help.

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Start ups

Starting a new business can be one of the most exhilarating, exciting, experiences in business. And one of the most terrifying.

In 2016, a record breaking 80 businesses an hour were started - but according to other sources, half of those businesses won't last a year, with 80% failing within five years.

We like to think that the secret to business success is in the numbers. And with our help we can dramatically increase your chances of being one of few new businesses still trading when the next decade comes around.

Whether you need help with a business plan, advice on employing staff, or someone to register your company name, make us your next port of call.

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Mainstream services

Whether you're looking for payroll or pensions advice, cash flow forecasts or corporate tax planning, incorporations or disincorporations, we've never shied away from the bread and butter work of our trade. It's how we started, it's the bulk of our business, and it's what we love doing.

So whether you're looking to make changes to the accountancy services you currently use, or starting afresh, contact us today to see how we can help.

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Overseas and residence

International taxation is a complicated business. Just figuring out what 'residency' a client has, whether that residency is personal or corporate, and then confirming that with the relevant tax office - well, it can be a challenge. And quite often clients have a preference.

Here at WITBI we're able to steer our clients through the international taxation minefield, and offer guidance on what changes need to be made - if any - to enable our clients to be taxed in the country of their choosing.

To discuss your situation, contact us today.

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