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We only Use WITBI for company secretarial as our company is currently dormant, but plan to use their full service portfolio once we start our activity in the UK. All communication is instant over skype as a vide call.

Daniel, Company Director

I was very worried about my residency status changing, being such a complex area. WITBI supplied me with residence day’s calculator and explanations what certain amount of days brings. WITBI was able to engage with direct communications with my Czech tax advisors in my home country to ensure all angles are met. I received full guidance on how my residency changes taxes to pay in UK and overseas.

Derek, employee

I have transitioned from sole trader to Ltd Company with WITBI’s help. I had a good advice on L&B to ensure minimum tax liability arose on incorporation. Everything was fully explained and easy to understand. Lenka is able to go to our non-financial background level with her explanations. No jargon. I was presented with 2-3 options and their advantages and disadvantages. Based on those I was able to choose the most tax efficient option. I plan to work with WITBI for many years to come.

Ben, Tailor

We have engaged WITBI last year after our company fell in serious financial trouble. WITBI gave us an excellent advice and we can now relax. Lenka has set up some control systems that allows us to keep an eye on our cash flows. We can see Lenka any time we ask and always feel very welcome. Would recommend.

Zoe, Personal Ltd Company